Summer Bundt Cake with Topped with Sugar Glaze, copy space for your text

Our Philosophy

We love to bake. Our creations our often taken from family recipes, well-sourced food journals and often deep places in our minds like our cappuccino cupcakes. We enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of our customers as they delight in our artistry.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is ours. Pearl Soyson and Rob Riegle are a husband and wife team who feel like they are on date whenever they are baking together. Food is their passion. Pearl started highly rated Thon Buri Thai Cuisine in Bainbridge, Ohio, which is rated as one of "Ohio's Ten Best Restaurants 2017" by Elite Magazine. After several year owning and running Thon Buri, Pearl and Rob set out to start a bakery as well and now are inviting the public to experience their newest food canvas.

Custom Cakes and Pastries

Let us help you express your special occasions with our custom-made pastries and cakes. Call now (216) 600-2600 to set up an appointment to design treats for your special day.