Custom Designed Cakes for All Occassions

We live to design cakes for every special day and purpose. We will work with you to learn the characteristics of the event and then design and prepare a cake that exceeds any expectations. We source all of our ingredients from local Amish farms to create a taste that matches our artistic expertise.

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Daily Confections Made With Unwavering Quality

Made from scratch for many has come to mean it did not come out of a package. For us it means every ingredient was carefully chosen for the confection we are making from only best, most well-sourced suppliers. Our eggs, dairy, creams and cheeses are locally derived from Amish farms with a commitment to freshness and quality. Each morning we rise early to make our products in-house. Come have a cup of coffee with us and watch our chefs make the most fantastic treats in Ohio.

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Unique Confections and Refreshments

Our little bakery in Chagrin Falls, Ohio carefully blends craftsmanship and artistry with an inquisitive eye towards inventing or improving a wide variety of treats for our customers. We make our ice cream by hand and offer unique flavors derived from fresh mangoes, coconut, taro root, and green tea. Of course, for the less adventurous we also hand make many traditional flavors as well. We also have many flavors of bubble tea and from time to time get crazy with our morning quiche ingredients.

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Made Fresh From Scratch Daily

At Chagrin Cake Company we have nothing to hide...literally. All of our food is made on premises, by artisan bakers and baristas right in front of you. Our kitchen is our showroom and you are not only invited in to see us prepare our offerings, we invite you to reserve time and work with us to make treats for your family, should you so desire.

We source our ingredients locally and organically whenever possible. Our dairy is procured from Amish farms near Middlefield, Ohio and our coffee is from Black Rifle Coffee, a veteran-owned Tennessee company.

At Chagrin Cake Company our passion is realized by your senses with visually appealing creations, stimulating smells and of course tastes that evoke time-honored recipes and attention to detail. Come in, have a pastry and a coffee and relax in our cozy bakery. We look forward to meeting you.

Cupcake decorated for a little princess

We Wear Our Namesake Proudly

Chagrin Falls, Ohio is rooted in a friendly and neighborly tradition. Our small town is a beacon for people seeking the beauty of our internationally revered water falls and small shops and restaurants. Come and see all our town has to offer and you'll know immediately why we wear our name so proudly.